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One day Tour Sheki + Ilisu

One day Tour Sheki + Ilisu

Regions: Sheki-Qakh-Ilisu

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Sheki is an ancient city in the Caucasus

Sheki is located 380 km north-west of Baku, near the border with Georgia. The city of Sheki is located in a picturesque mountainous area, cut by narrow gorges and green valleys, with many springs, clear rivers, waterfalls and mineral springs, framed by dense forests and alpine meadows. Next to Sheki, in one of the most beautiful and picturesque places of the country, is the health resort of Marhal. Historical evidence suggests that Sheki can rightly be considered one of the oldest settlements in the entire Caucasus, many artifacts on its territory are more than 2700 years old. Sheki has many historical and cultural attractions, but the visiting card of the ancient Sheki is the summer residence of the majestic Royal Palace of Sheki Khans, built in the 18th century without a single nail (!) With luxurious wall paintings and lace stained-glass windows (Shebeke), in a stone citadel. Also interesting are the fortress of Gyalarsen-Gyoryarsyan (VIII-IX c.), Near the city, numerous caravanserais, the Shekihanovs' house, the Juma mosque (the 18th century), the minaret of the Gileilin mosque (XVIII century), medieval baths. Sheki is a large handicraft center in Azerbaijan. Here you can buy jewelry and engraved products of local craftsmen. In Sheki there is a theater, a historical museum, a house-museum of the Azerbaijani writer and philosopher MF Akhundov.


In the vicinity of the Sheki district there are also many unique historical monuments. These are the towers of the kyumbazi (the eighteenth century) in Gabala, the Sumug fortress and the mosque (18th century) in Ilisu, the fortress and the mausoleum of Kish, the fortress in Juhari-Chardahlar (4th century BC - V century BC). e.), a tower and a temple in Orta-Zayzit, a mausoleum in Babaratma, a fortress in Gakh (XVI century), the ruins of the fortress of Shamil near Zagatala. In the highland village of Ilisu (the vicinity of Sheki) the Sumug fortress is preserved - one of the battle towers of the last or the sultan of Denmark, Daniyal-bek, the brave fellow-leader of the mountaineers Sheikh Shamil. According to legend, this quadrangular tower was built at the place of execution of the concubines of the local khan who betrayed him. Then, Sumug became one of the watch towers of Daniyal-bek. Once Bek was an officer of the tsarist army. But then he raised an uprising against the tsar and went to his sworn enemy, Sheikh Shamil, becoming his naiba. However, it was not possible to preserve the territory of Shamil and his people. In August 1859 the last row of fortifications, subject to Daniyal-bek, surrendered. The fortress Sumug is known to millions of people, thanks to the film "Do not be afraid, I'm with you".


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