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Day Tour to Guba + Khinalig

Day Tour to Guba + Khinalig

Regions: Shabran-Guba-Khinalig

10:00 Meeting with the guide departure for the excursion

Guba (Cuba) is one of the largest cities in Azerbaijan. It is located in 168 km. to the north of Baku on the border with Dagestan (Russia). The city was founded in the XV century, in the second half of the XVIII century was the capital of the Guba khanate. One of the most beautiful corners of the country, Guba is especially good in the beginning of spring, when numerous gardens and parks are broken up around its surroundings. In Guba there are not a few attractions and historical monuments. Numerous mosques - the Cathedral mosque (XIX century), the Sakiny-khanum mosque (XVIII century), the Ardabil mosque (XIX century), the famous Juma mosque were preserved here. And also the House of the Guba Khan, medieval baths and a fortress. The exposition of the local museum of local lore is rich, in which, besides other items of material culture, there are skilful Guba carpets. Equally beautiful are the surroundings of the Guba district. Especially attractive for tourists is the Afurdzhinsky waterfall 30 m high and the Tengialty gorge, amazing with its pristine beauty. Guba is a well-known center of carpet weaving. From here they bring souvenirs of local artisans and famous Guba carpets.


Approximately one hour drive on the new highway from the regional center of the Guba region, on the northern slope of the Main Caucasian ridge, at the altitude of 2,200-2,300 meters above the sea level, the most ancient highland settlement in Azerbaijan - Khinalig is hidden. The inhabitants of the village call it Kyat, and themselves - kyatami - the direct descendants of the biblical Noah. Khinalig more than 5 thousand years. For a long time this village was cut off from civilization by hard-to-reach mountains with dangerous rocky cliffs. Because of this isolation, its inhabitants have managed to preserve a unique language that does not belong to any language group to this day, and there are no more traditions and customs anywhere else. In Khinalig live about 2 thousand inhabitants, they are all indigenous and are divided into 4 genera. Each kind has its own cemetery, its patterns for carpets and clothes. Khinaligtsi profess Islam, and before Islam they were fire-worshipers. This is evidenced by the temples of fire and some pagan customs and traditions that have nothing to do with Muslims. The first mention of the Khinalig can be found in the first century. AD in the works of the ancient Roman historian Pliny and in the famous "Geography" of Strabo. But the most telling about the ancient antiquity of the village is shown by its 8 large cemeteries, the area of which is much larger than the territory of the settlement itself. There are burial places in 3 or even 4 layers, and on the stone tombstones there are inscriptions on different ancient alphabets. Their housing builds on each other: in the aggregate it resembles a multi-storey house, the roof of one house serves as a courtyard for another, the upper one. The village has about 370 houses, all of them very ancient, with an age of 200-300 years, and built of river stone. The windows in the houses are covered with polyethylene film, and on the ceiling of the house there is a smoke hole through which the villagers also go to visit each other. The floors and walls of the houses cover the variegated and warm carpets tikmya and blankets, pillows, mattresses, mutyachka, woven by the hostesses. This is not only the decoration of houses, but also protection in the period of strong winter frosts. And the winter here is early and very severe, the temperature can reach -30⁰ C. Fuel in the winter is a brick made from a mixture of straw and manure. They not only burn well, but they also give enough heat. The whole year the harvesters harvest and dry such bricks wherever there is a place. Firewood in these places is a rarity, as there are few trees in the vicinity.


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