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One day tour of Shemakha + Lagich

One day tour of Shemakha + Lagich


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Shamakha is an ancient city in Azerbaijan (the capital of the Shirvan kingdom). Originated in the 3 century. BC. e. In the VI-XVI centuries. - the capital of the state of Shirvanshahs, the residence of the local nobility - one of the most beautiful cities of the Middle East. Since the middle of the XVIII century - the center of the Shamakhi Khanate (remember Pushkin - Shamakhanskuyu queen). One of the main attractions of the city is Gulistan Castle (VIII-IX cc.) - the last bastion of rulers from the Shirvanshah dynasty, built to defend the boundaries of the city. The mausoleum complex Seven Kupolov (Eddy-Gumbes) with numerous burial places of the rulers of Shamakhi, the Friday Mosque Juma (8th century, rebuilt in the 19th century), numerous ruins of the buildings of the 7th-17th centuries are also interesting. Today Shamakhi is also a recognized center for carpet weaving and crafts. And yet, this is a literary city, home to many Azerbaijani poets Nasimi, Shirvani, Sabir were born in this city.

Lagich is a lost city in the mountains

The village of Lagich is located in the Ismayilli region of Azerbaijan and is a unique example of the town-planning and architectural art of antiquity. This town with paved streets and squares is one of the most famous shopping centers in the Middle East and beyond its borders in the Middle Ages. In Lahic you can find products made of metal (copper, tin, silver), leather, chasing, skilled craftsmen and wood carvers live and work here. The fame of lagic people was the manufacture of cold weapons and copper dishes decorated with decorated ornaments. To this day, here are open from a dozen workshops, where hereditary blacksmiths in front of astonished tourists make various items of utensils. The very first quarter of Lahic was laid in the III-IV centuries. It is noteworthy that the city has a water supply and sewerage system, which is no less than 1,500 years! None of the local residents know where the water pipe starts and where it ends, and by what principle it works, which does not prevent the system from functioning for many centuries. Today, Lagich is a monument of old-age slum, under the protection of the state, whose pristine appearance has been preserved.


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