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Information for tourists


Official name:

The Republic of Azerbaijan.



Official language:



All times are UTC + 5. The difference with Moscow + 2 hours (daylight saving time)

Time zone UTC + 4. The difference with Moscow + 1 hour (winter time)

Transport links with Russia:

Between Russia and Azerbaijan, there is air, rail and road transport.

Flights of Azerbaijani and Russian airlines connect Baku with Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Mineral Waters and Astrakhan.


Most of Azerbaijan is in the subtropical belt.

Within the country, several types of climate are distinguished, from the dry and humid subtropical (Lankaran) to the mountain tundra (high mountains of the Greater Caucasus).

The average annual temperatures vary from +15 ° C in the lowlands to 0 ° C in the mountains.

The average July temperatures range from +26 ° C in the plains to +5 ° C in the highlands, while the average July temperatures range from +3 to -10 ° C, respectively. Summer is dry. In the mountains and foothills, the maximum precipitation is in April-September, in Lenkoran-for the winter period.


The manat is equal to 100 gyapics.

Visa, customs and passport control, customs information:

Between Azerbaijan and the CIS countries there is a visa-free entry regime. Foreign citizens who entered the visa-free regime may stay on the territory of the republic for up to 3 months. There is a compulsory registration at the place of stay within 3 calendar days from the moment of entry. When registering foreign citizens, no state fee is charged. (

Alcohol and cigarettes:

On the territory of Azerbaijan, it is allowed to import alcoholic beverages in a volume not exceeding 1 liter, and not more than 200 cigarettes.

Objects prohibited for import / export:

In Azerbaijan there is a state monopoly on the export of carpets and carpets manufactured in the country.

To export the carpet products purchased here, a special permit of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan is required. The exception will be alcohol products purchased at airports in duty-free shops DutyFree.

Visiting various regions of the country:

It should be taken into account that citizens who visited the territory of the former Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region of the Azerbaijan SSR and 7 adjacent administrative regions without the special permission of the Azerbaijani authorities, the Azerbaijani side subsequently refuses to enter Azerbaijan.

Sanitary control:

Specific immunoprophylaxis before coming to Azerbaijan is not required.

Standing norms of behavior:

Azerbaijan is a secular state.

The country has a European style of clothing.

Along with the restaurants of national cuisine, in which pork dishes are not served, there is a large number of restaurants of European, Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian cuisine.

At the same time, foreigners should avoid mass gatherings of people during religious holidays, as well as such memorable dates as the Khojaly tragedy and the Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis.

Useful phone numbers:

Police, ambulance, MES - on a single phone - (district code) - 103.


The fare is: the metro - 20 gyapiki, the bus - 20 gyapiki at a distance of 30 km, 30 - up to 50 km and 50 - over 50 km. Taxis in Azerbaijan work without a counter, payment is made by agreement.

The average cost of travel through Baku is 5 manats.

Lunch in a middle class restaurant.

The cost of lunch - dinner in a restaurant without alcoholic beverages is 15-20 dollars for one person.

Opening hours of food and department stores.

Most grocery and department stores are open from 10.00 to 21.00 a day.

Availability of mobile communication.

There are three main 3G mobile operators in the country: Azercell, Bakcell and Nar.

The order of using the phone-machine.

In the country there are telephones, but due to the limited availability of payment cards, they are used relatively little.

Availability of ATMs and distribution of credit cards.

In all cities of Azerbaijan there are ATMs.

Large shops, prestigious restaurants and hotels accept credit cards for payment.

From the payment of taxes, including VAT, only diplomatic and consular missions of foreign countries are exempted in Azerbaijan.

Electrical voltage in the network.

The voltage in the network is 220 V at a frequency of 60 Hz.

Distance from the automobile and railway stations

From the center of Baku is 5-7 km.

The International Airport. H. Aliyev is located 25 km from the center of Baku. To the railway and City Bus stations can be reached by bus and metro, and to the airport - only by taxi.

Holidays, Memory Days & Festive and non-working days:
January 1 - New Year;
January 20 - Memorial Day of Victims of the January tragedy;
February 26 - Khojaly Tragedy
March 8 - International Women's Day;
March 21 - Novruz Bayramy;
March 31 - Day of the genocide of Azerbaijanis;
May 9 - Victory Day;
May 28 - Republic Day;
June 26 - Day of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan;
October 18 - Independence Day;
November 12 - Constitution Day;
November 17 - National Revival Day;
December 31 - Day of solidarity of Azerbaijanis of the whole world.
Muslim religious holidays are celebrated:
Kurban-bairam (feast of sacrifice);
Uraza-bairam (feast of breaking up) and others.