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Holiday Azerbaijan

Company activity

Holiday Azerbaijan Travel offers the best hotels and resorts in more than 30 countries - Spain, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Israel, Morocco, UAE, China, India, Mauritius, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Maldives, Vietnam, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Mexico, Cambodia, Jordan, Andorra, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Cuba. It is constantly working to open new directions. The tour operator organizes group and individual FIT tours based on our own charter flights and scheduled flights, engaged in the development of incentive, convention, sports and other types of tourism, as well as actively selling tickets online.

Programs of air transportation are carried out on a charter airline and regular basis from all Moscow airports and more than 37 cities of the Russian Federation, 7 cities in Ukraine, 2 cities of Belarus, 10 cities of Poland.

The company pays great attention to quality management and human resources. The Holiday Azerbaijan Travel brand is positioned in the CİS & European market as a mark of quality and reliability, which imposes a special responsibility on the Company and is an incentive for further development and improvement.

Goals and mission

The Holiday Azerbaijan Travel mission is to help create the most civilized of the tourist market, where relationships in the chain customer - the agent - the operator are based on mutual trust and respect. The ultimate goal of the company is to make accessible holidays of good quality to all categories of the population of the country.

The main purpose of the Holiday Azerbaijan Travel is further increase of the company's efficiency and its competitiveness in the market, which suggests focusing efforts on four areas:

management of market expectations by strengthening loyalty to the company's product and effective interventions to further enhance the brand awareness of Holiday Azerbaijan;

improving the performance of the company due to higher sales volumes and tourist product differentiation, continuous monitoring of the current situation in the market and rapid adjustment plans;

improvement of the quality of company’s management through effective planning and increasing the accuracy of forecasts, results of operations;

work at the highest international standards, the introduction of innovative technologies of tourism, without which it is impossible to make steady progress.

The future plans of Holiday Azerbaijan Travel is to increase the share occupied by the market, expanding the business by improving the quality, development of new areas and expanding the range of services provided.

Prospect of Development

Specialists of carefully studying the market and predict the future direction of development of demand. Work is planned on the basis of the data obtained in order to direct sales in the required direction. Long-term plans and plans for the next 3, 5 and 10 years is constantly updated and supplemented with consideration of trends in the global tourism market and international policy.

Run charter flights from all major cities of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Iraq, UAE, Kazakhstan. The company is a multi-tour and offers not only holidays on 30 directions, including the majority of the ordinary, as well as exotic, sightseeing and others, but also the organization of business networking events, training camps and themed events.

The Holiday Azerbaijan Travel  aims to secure its leading position as the leading tour operators and increase the market share occupied by the company while increasing the quality of the tourist product. And also further introduction of innovative technologies, without which a dynamic development of modern tourist industry is impossible. The company became a model for many Neighbour tour agencies which adopt experience of Holiday Azerbaijan Travel. This, in turn, is a stimulus for the further development of the Company.

Quality of the Product

The Company practices in their work an integrated approach to quality. This means quality throughout, starting with the proposed product to working staff in all divisions Holiday Azerbaijan Travel. Thanks to this hallmark of Holiday Azerbaijan Travel is always the highest quality of services provided.

A comprehensive quality control of all the components of tourism products is being performed at each stage of its formation, promotion and implementation. Holiday Azerbaijan Travel is responsible for implementing the requirements of ISO 9001.

Among the permanent partners Holiday Azerbaijan Travel more than 22 thousand agencies across Neighbour countries, more than 40 airlines and more than 5 thousand hotels.

Relationships with partners are based on openness and honesty, without which it is impossible to build a successful business.

Each agent purchased the product Holiday Azerbaijan Travel, can be confident that his client will be provided only qualitative services, carefully tested and selected by experts of Holiday Azerbaijan Travel. That's why the product offered on the market under the brand name Holiday Azerbaijan, is in the eyes of consumers and partners synonymous with reliability and quality.

Social Responsibility

The company intends to enhance the prestige of the Azerbaijanian tourist industry, the establishment of fair competition and civilized relations between market participants. Speaking for the creation in Azerbaijan of a civilized tourist market, Holiday Azerbaijan Travel Guide understands that it is impossible without economic development. The company is actively involved in economic and social life of the country. Management of the company is making an active contribution to the implementation of federal programs in the field of tourism.

The company is acutely aware of its responsibility to society as a whole. Numerous charitable events company aimed at supporting the poor and needy. The company provides assistance to orphanages, working closely with various charities, focusing on orphans and veterans.

Values and Principles

Absolute transparency and respect for the customs and traditions of the country where the activities of the company.
— Employees of the company - is not only an integral and essential part of the business process, but also members of a large family friendly Holiday Azerbaijan Travel.
— Relationships with partners are long-term mutually beneficial basis. That's why all the partners of the company are its loyal friends.
— Competition in the market is a natural stimulus for further development of the Coral Travel company.
— In Holiday Azerbaijan Travel  we respect opinion of the partners and competitors, without prejudice to criticism and are always open for cooperation.
— Participation in charity and social life of the country is our obligation.
— The Company strives to ensure that everyone was happy with the holiday branded by Holiday Azerbaijan Travel.
— Holiday Azerbaijan Travel fully contributes to the further development of tourism consumer market, realizing that the company's successful development is possible only when the forward movement of the entire travel industry forward.