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Ticket Booking

Sale and booking of air tickets from the company "Holiday Azerbaijan"

The company "Holiday Azerbaijan" carries out sale and booking of air tickets for domestic and international flights.

Direct agreements between Holiday Azerbaijan LLC and Aeroflot-Russian Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Finnair, Air France, KLM and other domestic and foreign carriers have been in effect for more than 7 years. For more than 7 years, "Holiday Azerbaijan" has been booking airline tickets.

Our site provides the opportunity to book tickets without leaving your home to book air tickets to anywhere in the world. The sale of air tickets over the Internet is not so difficult process, which allows for several steps to change the fuss near cash desks to an armchair at home or in the office. On the site you can book flights to any destinations of Russian airlines. Only with us you will find for yourself profitable and interesting offers from Russian airlines and will be able to book air tickets at the most favorable and optimal price.

Ways of ordering air tickets in "Holiday Azerbaijan"

By phone. To order and reserve air tickets, you can use the services of the call-center of Holiday Azerbaijan, by calling +994505895997 or by calling the sales offices (012) 498 57 04, 412 02 29, 498 42 83. Professional consultants are working on the line. Help in finding convenient flight options and will answer other questions about your transportation. Air tickets are booked through modern international systems - Saber, Amadeus, Gabriel, Siren.

Availability and ticket prices must be specified on the day of booking.

Through our website. Search for air tickets for flights of leading airlines can be carried out independently with the help of a simple and convenient interface, which is presented in the Online order section. Our air ticket booking site is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The program allows you to calculate the cost of direct and connecting flights on the chosen route and has several advantages:

The opportunity to learn about all available options and analyze them without leaving home;

The relevance and reliability of all information provided on the website for booking airline tickets - all flight data comes from real-time booking systems;

The possibility of obtaining the most complete information about discounts, promotions held by shipping companies;

Availability of various payment options, including the ability to buy tickets online, paying for their cost through the Internet.

Advantages of the electronic ticket

An electronic ticket is an agreement concluded between the passenger and an airline through the Internet, it is safely stored in a database. This form compared with the standard paper has several advantages:

Air tickets can be bought from anywhere in Azerbaijan & CIS (it is enough to have access to the Internet and know the web address of "Holiday Azerbaijan");

You can buy tickets for your relatives and close friends;

The time of purchase of the air ticket is reduced, since it can be printed on the home printer;

The ticket can not be lost (in any case it can be reprinted);

24 hours before departure you can go online check-in for a flight if you travel without luggage;

For registration only an identity document (passport or birth certificate) is required.

After issuing an electronic ticket, a routing receipt with data on the passenger, flight, cost, payment method, sales office, etc. is sent to the customer's e-mail. It must be printed and taken with you: abroad, it can be needed as a confirmation of the availability of a return air ticket when passing passport control.

Optimizing costs

There are several ways to purchase an air ticket at the lowest price:

early booking. The price of the ticket depends on the proximity of the date of departure. The first 10% of tickets are usually sold cheaper than the next. Book your flight for 21-30 days before departure, you can save up to 20% of the cost.

The choice of the "budget" date and time of departure. Often, a flight on Monday or mid-week can reduce the cost of the ticket. The most economical time for a flight is early in the morning or late at night.

Choice low-budget air carrier. Tariffs for air tickets are reduced by reducing the number of services provided on board.

Airline discounts. The opportunity to benefit from the purchase of air tickets is provided through seasonal discounts, promotions for low-volume flights or new routes. Booking in the "dead" season gives you the opportunity to save up to 35% of costs. The only difference is that the rates for such air tickets are not returned, only the rates.

The procedure for conducting electronic payments

After booking, you must pay for the air ticket (within 24 hours). Customers of our air ticket reservation center can use one of the following payment methods:

Non-cash payment for legal entities;

Cash at the company's offices or when delivering a ticket by courier;Payment by bank card in the company offices;
Payment by receipt in the Bank branches. A completed receipt can be printed out from the system, when choosing a payment.
Advantages of Holiday Azerbaijan
Due to long-term cooperation with leading airlines and awareness of all their actions, Holiday Azerbaijan offers its customers the opportunity to book and buy air tickets at reduced fares. Current special offers of airlines are regularly posted on the main page of our website.
For more information about services, consultations with an online order, as well as other issues related to booking flights around the world, you can contact the managers of Holiday Azerbaijan. Information about the methods of communication is placed in the section "About the company" - "Contacts".