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Tourist İnsurance

The importance of having travel insurance can be understood when a classic point of no return occurs on a trip: fallen, woke up - plaster. And if you provide for your own negligence is unlikely to happen, then you can avoid unpleasant consequences of treatment in a foreign country by correctly arranging the insurance before the trip.

Making out medical insurance before traveling abroad, it is important to consider the territory on which the coverage will be distributed. For EU countries, the amount of insurance coverage must be at least 30 thousand euros (or $ 50 thousand). When traveling to Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and the UAE, insurance is not required, however, it is extremely desirable to arrange a medical policy with at least a minimum insurance premium for your own peace of mind. The availability of a medical policy increases the chances of obtaining a visa to Australia and Canada.

Buy a standard medical policy can be in the office of any travel agency, insurance companies, as well as online at insurer sites online. Many banks offer travel insurance from partner companies to cardholders. It is important that the embassies of European countries - in particular, the visa services of the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria and Finland - have lists of accredited insurance companies that are published on the websites of consulates. Such lists can be advisory in nature, but in some cases, a medical insurance policy can only be issued by an accredited insurance company.

In addition to medical, there are many options for insurance of tourists. You can insure yourself from not going abroad, from loss or damage to luggage, from flight delays and from many other misfortunes.

And the main thing is to remember: it is important not only to choose carefully the insurance company that suits you and to arrange all insurance policies that you need, but also to behave correctly when an insured event occurs.

All details on writing insurance poles, and other special accompanying documents for our customers, please contact us. Our specialists in the sales department and the staff of the Outgoing Department will be happy to assist in the preparation of all necessary and advice on all issues!

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